Getting Acquainted

My name is Carol Anwar.  I have been married for over 33 years and have 2 daughters.  One is an OSU graduate and now works in the Oklahoma City area.  The other one has a degree and a minor from OU.  She recently arrived in Madagascar and will be working with the Peace Corps for an extended period of time.  She then hopes to go to graduate school.  I have done extensive volunteer work for my church and have sung in the past with 3 different bands--Reconnections (a praise and worship band), harmony for a Latino band, and Once In a While Band (a jazz band).  I also volunteer for the Oklahoma State Electrology Association.  In past years, I was a girl scout cookie mom and PTAG member at Jenks High School for many years.

My husband and I are both graduates of OSU.  My degrees are in Microbiology and Medical Technology.  I worked for 13 years as a Microbiology technologist MT(ASCP), SM at Tulsa Regional Medical Center. 

I started seeing an electrologist around 1990 for my own unwanted hair problems.  I later found out that these problems were due to Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (a condition that a number of my clients have).  As I saw my hair problems disappear, I became interested in training to become an Electrologist myself.  I also desired more flexibility in my schedule since my children were starting school.  After the year of internship that was required beyond my degrees, I passed the state board exam and became a Registered Electrologist (RE).  I opened A Permanent Solution in May of 1995.  Shortly after that I passed the Certified Professional Electrologist (CPE) exam administered by the American Electrology Association, and am currently the only practicing electrologist in the state of Oklahoma to hold this credential.  (This credential requires 75 hours of continuing education every 5 years).   I am a member of the Oklahoma State Electrologists Association and the American Electrology Association.

I have performed electrolysis now for over 24 years and thoroughly enjoy my work and my clients!  I have developed some wonderful friendships with my clients over the years---I’ve seen them get married, have babies, and sometimes, sadly, move on to new lives.  I still stay in touch with a number of clients that have moved to other parts of the country. 

Carol Anwar

Although I work with all different hair types, I do specialize in working with thick, coarse hairs, such as those found in women with PCOS and other hormonal disorders.   I experience immense satisfaction in helping women to conquer a very serious, embarrassing problem. 

I will set aside an hour of my time for your free consultation (with a paid appointment on the same day).  I give a very thorough consultation to not only explain hair growth cycles, causes of unwanted hair, and advantages/disadvantages of the two modalities of electrolysis that I currently practice, but to also give you a chance to ask questions and get to know me better. 

I look forward to the opportunity to not only meet and get to know you, but to help you rid yourself of your unwanted hair.