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Message to Clients


As planned for several years now, I have fully retired.  it was a very bittersweet decision, as most of you know.  I consider myself to be one of the most privilaged people in the world.  I have loved my job, and loved my clients.  I will miss you greatly.  I am, however, very pleased to announce that a new Electrologist will soon take my place.  Jessica is trained, and ready to take over this business.  Unfortunately, the Medical Board is closed at this time, so she is unable to complete her licensing process.  Once she is able to do that, she will be taking over this website, and will let you know when you can begin your appointments.  The phone number has now been transferred to Jessica so you may begin to call her and ask questions and prepare to start your treatments with her.  Jessica may be moving to a different location, which is not what we had originally planned.  She will keep you updated once she takes over this website.  I wish Jessica (and all of you) the very best.

Best wishes—
Carol Anwar