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Message to Clients


Since my husband has been retired for several years, I have sadly made the very difficult decision to retire.  My plans are to finish working by late March 2020.  It has been a most difficult decision, but I feel that the timing is right. I have loved my job more than I can ever express.  It has been extremely rewarding, and I sincerely value the opportunity that I have had to work with so many wonderful people.  I am looking forward to doing several volunteer projects, and I hope to keep in touch with many of my clients.  I wish you all the very best.

We do have a student that is currently training, and if all goes well, she should be ready by the time I leave.  At this point, she has expressed some interest in taking over my business.  I hope this will work out so that my clients will not have a difficult transition.  There is at least one other person that has expressed interest in training, so I am hopeful that a new generation of electrologists will be available in the future.

Best wishes—
Carol Anwar