Electrolysis has been performed for over 140 years and has proven to be a safe procedure.  You should know, however, as with all medical procedures, there are certain risks involved, such as the chance of resulting skin irritation, infection, bruising, and scarring.  There will also be a short healing phase after your procedure during which time there will likely be some transient redness and/or swelling, tiny bruises and occasional pinpoint scabbing.  Since electrolysis does cause tiny “wounds” under the skin and breaks the skin barrier to bacteria, the chance of infection, which can cause scarring or other complications, is increased.  It is critical that you carefully follow these  post treatment care instructions to help minimize any complications from your procedure. 


It is normal following electrolysis for the treated area to be red and slightly swollen. Both of these conditions usually disappear in an hour or two but can last longer. The following post treatment care suggestions should be followed for 2 weeks after each treatment.  In general, avoid any kind of activity that would subject the treated skin to irritating conditions (i.e. sweating, excessive dirt, lake swimming) while it is in the healing stage. 


The risk of infection increases greatly if the area is touched. Wash your hands before touching any area that was treated.*** 

More specifically:

1.  Keep the area clean.  You may use soap and water, aloe, sea breeze, witch hazel,

     hydrogen peroxide or other suitable antiseptics.  The treated skin of some individuals

     may become irritated by one or more of these products.  If this should occur contact

     me, and switch to an alternate product.

2.  Apply ice to the treated area to reduce any swelling if necessary.

3.  If you are prone to acne or other skin infections, you may apply an antibiotic cream (i.e.

     Neosporin) to help minimize infection in the treated area. Do not use ointments. Use creams only.

4.  Keep your hands off the area.  Scabs usually do not appear following treatment on the

     face.  However, it is expected that tiny scabs will appear following treatment in other

     areas.  Do not pick them off as this may result in scarring.  Tell me about them at your next appointment.

5.  Do not use any abrasive scrubbing action on the treated areas.

6.  Do not visit a tanning salon or get a sunburn on the treated area for at least two days.

7.  Do not use makeup for 48 hours.  If you must, use only fresh make-up, purchased within the last 90 days, to minimize infection.

8.  Do not use Retin A on treated area until all signs of irritation are gone. 

If any reaction occurs which appears related to your electrolysis treatment, please

contact me for further instructions.

I have read and understand the above information.


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