A thorough consultation is free with a paid, minimum 15 minute appointment on same day.  If you decide not to have a paid appointment on that day, a $45 fee will apply.

Price schedule effective January 1, 2016:

5 minutes   – $30
10 minutes – $35
15 minutes – $45
30 minutes – $60
45 minutes – $80
1 hour– $100
1 1/2 hour– $135
2 hours–  $175

disposable probe – $1

insulated disposable probe – $2  (only used in very specific cases)

shielded shank probe – $2 (**this cost will ONLY be incurred if you choose to purchase your own set of probes for the 16 probe galvanic method)

*payment by check or cash only.  debit and credit cards not accepted

$25 fee for returned checks

Prices subject to change without notice.

***Important policy change.....Due to continuing problems with clients making appointments for consultations, and not showing up, I have to implement the following policy:  I will continue to provide free consultations (with a minimum paid 15 minute appointment on the same day) for new clients.  On the Friday before the appointment, I will call you to reconfirm that you are planning to be at the appointment.  My phone number will say "private" or "blocked".  I will leave you a message.  If I do not hear from you, the appointment will be cancelled.  I will make every attempt to reach you at the number you provide, to remind you to contact me to reconfirm the appointment.  This applies to the first consultation appointment only. Note:  A picture ID will be required at the first appointment.  All clients are required to have a working voice mail so that I can leave messages.

Appointments made by phone only.  No email appointments will be taken.